Fully Approved and Accredited Providers

The Academy of Professional Investigation is an established and respected investigation training school and is approved to offer Edexcel BTEC Qualifications through accredited Learning Courses for those wishing to become a private investigator, or receive further specialist investigative training. More>

Professional Distance Learning Course

Develop your investigative knowledge and skills, learn the operational and business aspects of the profession, how to set up and manage your detective agency, obtain your officially recognised qualification, open the door to a fantastic new and exciting career and be ready to take your first steps in obtaining new clients. More>

Full or Part time - hours to suit you

This is one of the few businesses that can be operated full or part time, to suit your needs. The choice is yours; but the great thing is that it’s your choice not someone else choosing for you.

Many private investigators start their careers on a part-time basis. Very quickly though, they realise that there is far more money and excitement to be had in going full time into their new career and abandon their old, dull, routine job. More>

First Class Training

Obtain your officially recognised Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Private Investigation.

Through the Academy of Professional Investigation you will receive first class training via courses written by professional qualified investigators with many years of operational experience in the investigation industry. More>

Preparing you are a successful start in business

As well as acquiring the investigative knowledge, skills and procedures necessary to be able to practise as a Private Investigator, the Academy also publishes a comprehensive A Guide To Starting, Running And Building Your Own Private Investigation Agency, providing a wealth of vital information essential for the successful and profitable operation of your business. More>

Being your own boss

Most people dream of being their own boss and long for the freedom, power and control over their own destiny which this brings; they also like the fact that you keep all the money you make!
In other words, when you are your own boss you are working to make yourself rich not someone else! More>

Get yourself up and running as a Professional Private Investigator



We offer courses for beginners as well as already practicing private investigators:

Our Courses

Become a qualified professional private investigator


Edexcel/Pearson BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Private Investigation

Learn how to become a Professional Private Investigator

IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF)

For Professional Private Investigators

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What’s stopping you?

Can I get and funding?

Learning usually costs something, whether you’re planning to do a full-time, part-time or self-study course. Here you can find information and advice on how to pay for your learning, what support is out there for you and where to find it.

Is learning good value?

Learning new skills may cost a little — but not learning new skills can cost you more in the long run. If you’ve decided that becoming a private investigator is the career for you then getting the right skills and qualifications from the onset is a valuable investment into your future. The Academy’s Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Advance Diploma in Private Investigation will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful, competent and professional private investigator.

Make sure you check all sources of funding. What you are eligible for usually depends upon your circumstances and which subject you’re planning to study.

What is distance learning and is it for me?

Studying from home is often known as distance learning. You may get your course materials through the internet or sent through the post depending on what option you choose. A tutor will support you by email or post. ‘Correspondence courses’ and ‘home study’ are different terms for distance learning.

You might like home study if:

  • your work or domestic schedule is irregular and you can’t study at the same time each week
  • you look after children or relatives at home
  • you prefer to work at your own pace
  • you work overseas and want to get a UK qualification

Am I too old to start a new career?

You can take up learning at any stage in life but it is often more rewarding and enjoyable when you’re older because you’ve usually chosen to do it rather than had to. Many of our students have decided upon becoming a private investigator later in life an after retiring from their career including those from the police force and military.

I don't have any previous experience in investigation does that matter?

No, anyone can become a private investigator. Whilst it’s true to say many ex-police officers may have a slight initial advantage due to their knowledge of criminal law, it is certainly not a requirement. Private investigation focuses on mainly civil matters, something ex-police will have little or no knowledge of. In fact many former and serving police officers have gained their diploma through the Academy.

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