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Our distance learning courses:

BTEC – Become a Detective A – Z

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The Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Private Investigation has been designed primarily for beginners for those people who have no investigative qualifications and little or no previous investigative experience. It is a comprehensive A to Z teaching course on how to become a private investigator. The course offers all the knowledge that an investigator would require to enter the industry as a fully competent professional.


IQ – Qualify for your PI Licence

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The IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF) is a competency test for those individuals who work or would like to work as Professional Investigators and obtain an SIA private investigator license. We would however, seriously advise any potential student with no previous investigative knowledge or experience to complete the Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Private Investigation prior to sitting the IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators.

There is a fast track option available for the already experience professional investigator. The IQ fast track course is for those individuals who can prove their prior investigation experience over a minimum five year period together with recognised investigative qualifications such as the Level 3 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Private investigation which will enable them to attend an approved centre to sit the examination consisting of two 45 minute papers without having to complete any course material.

If being successful and self employed is what drives you then the Academy of Professional Investigation is the answer to all your problems. It gives you a fully comprehensive explanation of how to perform the job and run your own investigation firm. John Edwards - Chairman of WAPI