Fully accredited distance learning school for private investigators

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The Academy in conjunction with Industry Qualifications being a UK Government Qualifications Awarding Body provides professional investigative training and offers fully accredited online distance learning courses in professional private investigation.

Through the Academy of Professional Investigation you will receive first class training and assessment and will obtain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in Professional Private Investigation. There are many private investigators working in the UK, Europe and indeed throughout the world who have been beneficiaries of the Academy’s training courses.

Founder of the Academy of Professional Investigation

Stuart Withers

With Stuart’s impressive achievements it may surprise you to know that he left school at the age of 15 years with no academic qualifications, whatsoever, and joined the Blue Funnel Shipping Company having completed the Duke of Edinburgh “Outward Bound” award.

After travelling the world for 5 years Stuart stepped into the unknown and in 1963 commenced his career in private investigation. He has since proved that anybody can with ambition, determination and perseverance achieve their goal.

With Stuart’s vast experience and guiding hand you can be assured that you too can have a successful career as a Professional Private Investigator.