Affidavits Templates

Affidavits Templates


 The Affidavits contained in the British Process Servers Guide have now been made available for the first time.

We hope you will find this time-saving tool invaluable in the preparation of Affidavits and Certificates/Statements of Service

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In 1997 the Academy of Professional Investigation evolved from Nationwide Investigations Group’s in-house training programmes. These incorporate NIG’s vast practical experience, skill and in-depth knowledge built up over forty years providing a comprehensive investigative service in all areas of civil, criminal and personal matters. Its services are retained by Princes, Presidents, Governments, Politicians and Celebrities as well as International Corporations, Police Forces, the National Press and Broadcasting Media. The Academy of Professional Investigation published ‘The British Process Server’s Guide’, which is the essential guide to the successful completion of all legal process. The Affidavit templates mentioned in ‘The British Process Server’s Guide’ are available by download in this handy package.