Be your own bossEstablishing your own Private Investigation business could seem to be a daunting prospect, however it need not be if you follow the advice contained in Module 12 – A Guide to Starting Your Own Business.

With the ever increasing government regulation, which affects all types of businesses, having a qualification in the service you are providing is an essential factor. The investigation industry is no exception and with the forthcoming licensing of our industry it will be necessary for all applicants applying for a Private Investigators licence to be able to prove competence in all the core units as specified by the (SIA) Security Industry Authority. Equally, having the fundamental know-how of both the operational and business aspects of the profession is just as important.

Working for yourself is demanding and at times can be stressful, therefore you must be totally committed, disciplined, motivated and determined to succeed. The guide will take you through all the necessary steps to set up and run a successful and profitable business as a private investigator.