Top 10 reasons people hire a Private Investigator

Could it be you they hire?cache_160_GuyOnPhone

Private Investigators aren’t just for catching out cheating partners or catching out fraudsters. As a Private Investigator you can assist in many different ways, whether at home or in the workplace.

  1.  A client has met someone online – but are they who they say they are? You can carry out background checks and put their mind at rest before they take the relationship any further.
  2. A client suspects their partner is cheating but can’t prove it.
  3. A Private Investigator will uncover the truth and put their mind at rest.
  4. A person has lent someone money – and they’ve disappeared. A Private investigator can help track them down, and serve legal notices if required.
  5. Someone needs expert surveillance to ensure they know the movements of a certain person. Perhaps they suspect their teenage children are involved with drugs or lying about who they are meeting – the assistance of a specially trained Private Investigator can help keep them safe.
  6. A client needs to trace a long lost relative or friend – A Private Investigator has the skills to track someone down.
  7. A company’s employee is off work with a long term illness but doubts they really are genuinely ill.
  8. They suspect their office or Board Room has been bugged.
  9. A solicitor needs a process server to personally serve some legal documents on behalf of one of their clients or to assist in gathering evidence in a defence case.
  10. A GPS tracker could be needed to track a vehicle in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.
  11. A client needs to know if a certain person is a company director and if so with how many different companies. Is this person disqualified from being a company director?

There are many other situations where a professional qualified private investigator can assist at home or work in a variety of matters – could it be you?

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